Scottish residents might have noticed something unusual in Bo’ness and Glenrothes recently when areas of the town were blocked off to the public as film crews set up to start filming the new anticipated short film RAGE.

According to a GAW Films & DP Productions Spokesperson, filming started in Bo’ness, Scotland June 8 and wrapped up on June 15, and locations involved in the filming included North Street in Bo’ness and Collydean, Glenrothes. They also used the Parkhouse filming Studios in Glasgow. It took the cast and crew 3 full days, 15 hours plus days to film RAGE.

It states in a Blog on the Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo that was used to raise funds for the film:

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there has been a 17.5% increase in domestic violence cases worldwide. RAGE, a new short film created and produced by Gary A. Wales and David Penman, aims at reversing this trend. In this guest post, Gary and David tell the story of RAGE, now raising funds on Indiegogo.

RAGE started back in 2019 when we, Gary and David, met each other on Facebook. We connected when Gary posted an idea for a domestic abuse-oriented screenplay, and David stepped forward to help. We then decided to write a script, and after looping in more people for input, before we knew it, we were ready to start production and filming RAGE.

After a hiatus for most of 2020 due to the pandemic, we reconnected with the team and started casting. Interest-only grew when we started our Indiegogo campaign for RAGE. In just 20 days on Indiegogo, we hit the target of £1,000.

With filming now just around the corner, the film has already piqued the interest of several news sources, including CelebMix, the Glasgow Times, the Falkirk Herald, the Linlithgow Gazette, the Daily Record, and many more. 

June 8th was our official start date for filming, which began in Bo’ness, Scotland, Gary’s hometown in the Stirlingshire area of Scotland. When we wrap in Bo’ness, we’ll then move the production to Glenrothes and Glasgow. It should take us about 3 days total to film our 16-to-20 minute short film. 

We’re making RAGE to raise awareness of domestic violence and drug abuse. All profits from the film will be donated to a domestic violence charity of our choice at the end of the year. The more we raise, the more we’ll donate.”

GAW FILMS & DP PRODUCTIONS announced on social media just shortly after wrapping RAGE that they officially Partnered and that they would continue to create content. 

In other news, they have now started production on Gary A Wales “GAW FILMS” Original Project WHY ME? a short film that started over 5 years ago. We finally get to see it take place. It stars Gary A Wales and Bailey Penman, Both of who were also in RAGE together.