Gary Wales was born on the 29th of September 1995 in Falkirk. Scotland. Wales started performing at 6-years of age in community theater. At the age of 12, he moved to County Armagh in Northern Ireland. It was there that Wales began to advance his love of acting and production. Wales has had roles in a number of local stage productions, television programs, shorts, films, as well as some commercial work. Wales attended the Southern Regional College, studying Performing Arts (2012-2015). (Source: IMDB)

We interviewed Gary in April 2017. Check out this latest interview on his new and powerful film Why Me? We’re exclusively premiering the movie poster here!

Original Source – Occhi Magazine 

Hi, again, Gary! Thank you for speaking with us about your latest film production Why Me?  We read the synopsis. Sounds like a hit! Let’s start with your character Kurt. Describe him to our readers.

No, thank you for interviewing me again, it is a great pleasure. First, I must point out that I am really excited about this movie I think it will defiantly be a hit. But let’s get to the answer of your question. Kurt is a disturbed student, he was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age and unfortunately bullied throughout his education years, but not just in school, outside of school also. Kurt is a loner who didn’t make any friends because he was the class clown meaning people would torment him to kick off his ADHD and push him over the edge to kick off. He can’t take anymore and he goes into a dark Depression, but he hides it from people, he doesn’t want help. Shortly after his depression kicked in Kurt starts to have suicidal thoughts. But I don’t want to spoil what happens next because that is the mystery and that’s what my aim is, is to make people think and to ask that question, Can Kurt overcome the negativity and change his life around? You need to watch it and find out.

The film deals with suicide, depression, and bullying. Do you feel your film will raise more awareness on these subjects?

Oh defiantly, I am certain it will help others out in whatever situation they are in. I don’t really have much to say about that question because I do think we will change the world around with our message.

It’s set to release in 2020. You’re currently fundraising for the film. Tell our readers how they can contribute and why they should.  

Yes, we aim to release it in 2020, reason being is because we want to take our time on this because we do think that this may be the gossip of 2020 and be the next big blockbuster. Plus, I have I high hopes and believes that It will succeed more than the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” and yes, we are currently fundraising now, trying to get a budget together and If you’re interested in this movie and you want to see it happen. You can visit the movie’s official website – there are two options for donating, you can make a PayPal donation or you can go our most recommended route and go to the Indiegogo donation link on our website. Plus, just to point out that if you do donate towards Why Me? On our Indiegogo campaign, you can choose from multiple perks and rewards e.g. getting your name on the Wall of Fame or getting your name in the end credits or even getting your hands on the official movie’s merchandise (which you can see in the photo below, that’s me Hey!)

We see you also carry producer, writer, and director credits. Clearly, the subject of this film is very important to you.  What inspired the script?

Yes, as the creator of the film, and all the other roles you mentioned above is defiantly important to me and what inspired me to make this script, well let’s just say I can’t answer that question because I will be answering that question after the movie is released. So, I guess you will all have to help make this movie to find out what the answer is, and trust me I think it will be a shock to the world.

What can the audience expect to see when they watch the film?

Good question, the audience will defiantly expect to see the pain Kurt went through and I do believe it may bring back memories to a lot of people that watch this film. Why? Because I guarantee that they witnessed bullying in their education years.

Why do you think the subject of this film should be shared now?

It should be shared because it happens every day and my aim is to put a stop to it. As an entertainer and creator, it is my duty to deliver my awareness raising in a creative way.

Who should watch this film?

Every Single person in this world should watch this film, yes it will have some graphic scenes in it but children see that happen in school every day anyway, so why should we hide it.

Thus far, what has been the best experience working on Why Me?

Best experience so far would probably just be working with my team to make this happen. Teamwork is the best. “If you work together, you will get it done. Not just quicker but better, 10 brains are better than one brain, use them together and brainstorm. Make it happen.”

Do you have any upcoming projects that we haven’t mentioned?

Yes, I will be working on the short film Ashes by Rodney Stewart. I’ll be playing the role of James in it. Oh, I forgot to mention that myself and team are in the process of making a Documentary for Why Me? called The Making of Why Me? basically it will include Interviews with the cast and crew, friends and family and others, along with behind the scenes of making it and filming etc.…

Complete this sentence, if I had an opportunity to do anything I want, I would do ___________.

Many things actually, let’s begin. Change the way the world is today, stop all the negativity and bullying and hate, stop war and crime etc., . . . but, I do have goals and those goals are to act alongside my favourite actor “Johnny Depp” and to be noticed by “The Ellen Show” and to be interviewed on there to show the world that there are many other people out there that do care and that do want to make that change.

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